Google: Year in search 2018

Google Trends analyses the search topics and queries that are made in Google Search.


Your 2019 financial health check

When it comes to assessing the most appropriate path moving forward for your personal finances, it can often help to take stock of your personal circumstances (financial situation, goals and objectives).


The benefits of practising money mindfulness

Mindfulness isn’t often a word associated with money, but being mindful is a skill and practice that holds many benefits when it comes to managing your finances in a more clear, intentional and purposeful way.


Monetary policy, cash rates and interest rates

According to a recent survey(#), over one-third of Australians, those either with or without a mortgage, don’t check the cash rate. The most common reasons for this were as follows: had no interest in checking the cash rate (30%); don’t see the relevance (28%); or, don’t know what it is (24%).


Update: Recent legislative changes

It has been relatively quiet in Federal Parliament concerning many of the proposed superannuation, investment and taxation measures that were released in the 2018 Federal Budget.


The art of reflection and time management

“Life is a journey, not a destination” and “It is not the length of life, but the depth” are just two of the many famous quotes to come from Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American poet, lecturer, essayist and philosopher.


Beliefs on money animation

When you are caught up living your daily life, it can be easy to overlook or even underestimate the power, and influence, that your beliefs on money.


An exercise on financial literacy for kids

In our article, ‘The 2018 HILDA Survey: Financial literacy quiz’, we discuss the fact that financial literacy is an important life skill.


Embracing the festive season spirit

The festive season is a time in which many of us practice the Three R’s (Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Reflection). In addition to this, there is an important message to be had, which resides within the festive season spirit, and what it seeks to embody and impart upon us.


How to achieve your most ambitious goals

Your goals in life, whether they be personal or work-related, can often feel far removed from the reality of your present situation.