TPD claim definitions explored

For many of us Total and Permanent Disablement cover forms a component of our overall personal insurance plan; in the event of a disabling sickness or injury it has been designed to help to take the financial stress off the table at a time when our world has been turned upside-down. In this article, we explore the types of claim definitions available and their respective differences.


Trauma: Exploring beyond the big four

When considering the potential for a future claim on our Trauma insurance, we often think about the big four traumatic medical events e.g. heart attack, stroke, cancer and coronary artery bypass. It is important to remember that contemporary trauma insurance policies now also provide greater protection with the provision of a much larger range of specified medical events.


An end of financial year checklist for SMSFs

Running your own self-managed super fund comes with a range of ongoing administration and reporting responsibilities and many of these fall around the end of financial year.


57 years apart: A boy and a man talk about life

What would you do if you were given the chance to talk to your younger self? Would you try and provide some advice to change one or two decisions you made in life? A boy and man sit down together and discuss life from their perspectives and then provide each other with some friendly advice.


Interest rate predictions in 2017

A belief held by many economists is that there is at least one more interest rate cut expected from the Reserve Bank of Australia this year should employment, wages growth, and household spending continue to remain sluggish. We examine interest rate predictions and what they may mean for you.


Medicare & private health insurance

The ongoing debate about private health insurance appears to be a constant one among Australians, especially when premium increases each year come to the forefront. We look at several reasons to consider retaining or taking out private health insurance.


The Risks in Retirement

There are many risks that you may face when it finally comes time to retire, such as investment, legislative and longevity risk. In this animation, we discuss these and other risks that may impact on your expected retirement lifestyle.


3D printed prosthetic hands are changing lives

Often we may feel that there is something that is limiting our ability to reach financial goals and objectives. Perhaps it is our money personality and spending habits? In this video, we see how someone’s life is positively impacted when others reach out by ‘making something to make a difference’.


Warren Buffett speaks on investing

We all make decisions based on certain principles, and we do well if those principles lead us to favourable decisions more often than not.


Capturing the super cap limit deadline

The annual concessional and non-concessional contribution cap limits (and the maximum bring-forward rule) will decrease from 1 July 2017. We explore the opportunities to maximise your super contributions now and into the future.