Platinum Cashflow Manager gathers transaction data from a wide range of account providers, allowing you to gain a greater understanding of the nature of your cash flows.

Platinum does the hard work for you

PCM is an online, personal money service that brings together all of a user’s financial information in one, easy-to-use, online location. PCM uses historical financial information to instantly create informative and easy to read budgeting reports.

Feel safe and secure

PCM uses the same high-end security and encryption standards used by banks to ensure that your financial information is kept safe and secure. Also, PCM is not a payment gateway so it’s not possible for you, or anyone else, to move money in or out of your accounts.

View all your money in one location

PCM can access information from over 200 different accounts with banks and other financial institutions.

Following a simple, once-off set-up process, PCM automatically updates your account information so there’s no data entering required.


Platinum Cashflow Manager identifies behaviour which inevitably holds our clients back, helping us establish an efficient and effective path towards their financial goals and security.

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